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Earth,Sun and Moon Crossword! By: Matthew Glass

Author: Matthew
What Galileo used to see Jupiter's moons.
The moving around on a planets axis.
What a planet rotates on and is tilted on.(ITS ALSO INVISIBLE.)
The man who came up with the laws of gravity.
Bonus! A game that I, Matthew, LOVE TONS. You probably wont get it, but you can ask Seth.
The very planet you are reading this on.
The amount of time it takes for a planet to rotate all the way around on its axis.
There are many in the solar system.
The time it takes to make a full cycle around the sun.
The force that holds you to earth and the earth to you!
Earths natural satellite.
The star that holds our Solar System together and accounts for 99.8 percent of the solar systems mass.
The man who discovered most of Jupiter's moons and came up with a mathematical way to find the distance of a planet from the sun.
Technology:A deice that rotates around a celestial body. Natural:A body that orbits another body/planet.
The floating gas balls in space that are qualified by color and size.
The amount of time it takes to make a revolution around the sun.