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Chapter 14 Vocabulary

Name:  _______________________________
Number:  _________
a group of advisors to the president, including the heads of important departments in the executive branch
In the constitution, ways of limiting powers of the three branches of the government.
to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law. Only the president has the power to veto bills
the meeting of delegates in Philadelphia in 1787 that made plans for a new and stronger government for the United States
the act of accusing a government official of serious crimes, as defined by the Constitution
the branch of the government that interprets laws and settles disagreements about them
in conflict with the constitution
parts of the government with different kinds of responsibilities and powers.
the document that described a new national government for the former American colonies
the document that describes the government of the United States.
the branch of the government that carries out the laws
the branch of the government that makes laws
a formal agreement between two or more nations