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Biology End of Course Review 1

Author: Orleans Parish Public Schools
Development into an adult organism.
Evidence of evolution (plural).
Self feeders.
Ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem.
Diffusion across a membrane.
The causative variable.
A non-infectious disease.
Groups of like cells become.
The smallest unit that carries on life functions.
Maintain system.
An effect from too much CO2.
Heat transfer by fluid movement.
A way to acquire immunity.
The developmental stage where differentiation occurs.
A ecosystem factor in short supply.
A mild zone in the biosphere.
In plant cells but not in animal. (2 words)
Disease spreader.
Cell duplication process.
Most nutrients in the body are absorbed here. (2 words)
Acids in genes.
The cell powerhouse.
A nonliving disease causer.
The probability of one brown eyed parent (Bb) and another brown eyed parent (Bb) having a blue eyed child.
Transport of materials across a cell membrane against the flow.
A cell type without a nuclear membrane.
The cell organelle where photosynthesis occurs.
One body response to disease.
The ecosystem cleaners.
A product of photosynthesis.
A solution more concentrated than a cell.
Digestion starts here.
The shape of DNA. (2 words)
The cell packager.
Protein is manufactured here.
In an ecosystem, they make their own food.
Rock age in layers.
A protein catalyst.