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Psych. Chapter 10 Module 26

Name ____________________________________
The process of giving a test to a large group of people that represents the population for whom the test is designed.
A statistical measure of the average variation from the mean score.
The ability to be self-motivated, able to feel what others feel, and socially skilled.
The ability to learn from one's experiences.
The ability to break problems down into component parts.
He saw intelligence as two different abilities.
The ability to deal with new and different concepts.
He believed there could be as many as nine types of intelligence.
Environmental influences.
The average score within a group of scores.
Ability to use information to get along in life and become successful.
A person's behavioral and cognitive skills exist at an earlier developmental stage than the skills of others who are the same chronological age.
Ability to excel in certain areas.
The tendency of IQ tests to reflect the culture of the test designers.
He proposed that there are three kinds of intelligence analytical, creative, and practical intelligence.
He was asked by the French Ministry of Education to design a formal intelligence test.
Based on heredity or genes.
Possessing an IQ of 130 or above.
Devised a series of tests for specific age groups.
Ability to reason and solve problems.