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7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere

Directions: You may use your interactive notebook to complete this puzzle. It is due at the end of the hour. You will get credit for what you have done. 
Large commercial farms
A three-stage pattern of Atlantic trade that carried goods and enslaved people between Europe, Africa, and the Americas
Is the path on e object makes as it revolves around another
Refers to the mix of human and nonhuman features at a given location
Shows how much space on the map represents a given distance on the land
The distance in degrees East or West of the Prime Meridian
A resource that cannot be replaced in a relatively short period of time
The distance North or South of the equator
An imaginary line between the North and South Pole
The location of a place relative to another place
People native to a region
Round-shaped body
A resource that Earth or people can replace
The earth's crust is made up of huge blocks
An area with at least one unifying physical or human feature such as climate, land forms, population or history
Explores how people, goods and ideas get from one place to another
Describes a place's exact position on earth in terms of longitude and latitude
Each half of the earth
Shows physical or natural features
North, South, East and West
The study of the human and nonhuman features of earth
Height above sea level on the map
Seams in Earth's crust
Units that measure angles
Explains the symbols and shading on the map