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Holocaust Vocabulary Terms

Teacher: DELTA - English Language Arts
Nazi code word for the physical extermination of Jews
Work and death camps to incarcerate enemies of the Nazi regime
Prejudice against Jewish people
The gas used in the gas chambers
An attitude toward a person of group of people
Camps set up after WWII to help the survivors of the war/camps
Soldiers who freed the prisioners from concentration camps
The Nazi secret police
German mobile death squads who killled millions of Jews in mass shootings
An underground organization engaged in the struggle to help those who are imprisioned by Nazis
The furnaces used in death camps to cremate bodies of victims
The systematic killing of a nation of people
An area of a city to which Jews were restricted
Term used by the Nazis to describe a superior race
The peace treaty signed after WWI which made life hard for the Germans
In 1935, these were designed to exclude Jews politically and socially. Jews were now second class citizens
One of the first concentration camps in Germany
Death camp prisioners who cleared the dead bodies from the gas chambers
Forced upon prisioners to move from one camp to another to stay ahead of allied forces
Once a religious symbol, now used by the Nazi party
A sealed airtight room where death was induced by poison
The forced removal of Jews from their homes
Biased or misleading information used to promote a political cause
The National Socialist German Worker's Party
Brown shirt storm troopers who protected Nazi rallies from violence