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Virginia Chooses Liberty

An important statement.
Overthrow of a government by those governed, usually by forceful means.
Provided political leadership by expressing the reasons for colonial independence from Great Britain in the Declaration of Independence.
First land battle fought in Virginia during the American Revolution forcing Governor Dunmore to flee to Norfolk.
A formal attended by representatives.
Plan of government.
Not aligned with, supporting or favoring either side in war or a dispute.
Site of the last major battle of the American Revolution where British General Cornwallis surrendered.
An enslaved African American who spied for the Continental Army and successfully requested his freedom when the war was over.
One who served in the Continental Army and fought for independence from Great Britain.
Provided military leadership by serving as Commander In Chief of the Continental Army.
Rode 40 miles on horseback to Charlottesville to warn Gov. Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him and members of the Continental Army.
The act of striving for, or going after, something.
Freedom to govern oneself.
To give up.
An American who during the American Revolution favored Great Britain.