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We Believe God Loves Us

Jesus taught his followers how to
There are 7 of these
Taught the people of India to know God
Was the first priest and pastor in Korea
The Bible is a special book about
Was a parish priest who served his people
The Church is all the people who believe in ___ and follow his teachings
All the people who believe in Jesus and follow his teachings
Jesus taught us that we should be good neighbors to
We try to grow closer to Jesus
God sent his own Son, , to us
The __ is the table of the Lord
The ___ is the Church's greatest celebration
Began schools for Native American and African-American children
Wrote books and letters to help people love Jesus
The __ are followers of Jesus who have died and now live forever with God
Was the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus
Jesus told us that he was the
We celebrate the birth of the Son of God
On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of