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Spelling 5/7-5/11 For Emmanuel, Gavin, Samantha and Jasmine!

I love the ------- when the sun is out and it's nice and warm!
When you can see the phases of the moon.
This already happened. Yesterday is the ----.
Samantha knows that you have to be ------ with little kittens.
"Don't pop a wheelie on your bike, it's too -----!
Disgusting! A pigpen! Horrendous! Bleech!
Not rare or special at all.
One of a kind! Rare.
To keep away from harm.
Apart from each other.
When I bake, I have to ------- the ingredients according to the recipe.
Right now, at this very moment.
Imaginary, magical adventure.
The ------- is, you need to do your homework!
You should use a gentle brush to ----- under your fingernails!