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Economics (Medium)

General theory of employment, interest, and money
Increase in prices and/or money supply
"The Seen and the Unseen"
Austrian price signal theorist
Study of economy as a whole
Modern, wrote "The Conscience of a Liberal"
Brought praxeology to the Austrian school
David Ricardo dispels mercantalism
Natural rate of unemployment, Chicago school
Modern, Wrote "Basic Economics" and "The Housing Boom and Bust"
Founder of communism
US Fed chairman, 1987-2005
Tableau economique
'Invisible hand' theorist
Circular fluctuations in GDP
Supply and Demand curve intersect
Socializing the land, privatizing business
New Keynesian, wrote "The Price of Inequality"
_____ Critique, criticizes Aggregate data in predicting microeconomics decisions
US Central Bank
Aggregate production creates aggregate demand
Capital in the 21st century
Study of individual and firm decisions
Creator of population trap
Russian known for his " ______ curve"
Norwegian, developed econometrics and coined terms macro and micro.
Convertability to US dollar ended in 1934