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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Crossword Puzzle

what does the spineticklers books give Greg
Greg's idiot older brother
One of the props that Greg and Rowley use in their movie
The title of the book
A book in which you share your feelings
A horror series that is banned in the book
The thing that Greg and Rowley fail to make
The thing that Maddox plays with for fun
Greg's catchphrase is "bite my ..."
A candy that the pig throws up on
The magazine that Greg's mom adores
The instrument that Greg decides to play for the band
The group of kids who had trouble saying their r's that Greg joined
Greg spent this holiday at Mariana Mendoza's party
The 8th graders put a letter inside of one of these
What did Greg join to get invited to a party?
What instrument does Maddox play?
the thing Greg keeps referring his life too
The birds who attack Greg and Rowley
The instrument that Greg's mom forces him to play