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New Mexico Under Mexican Rule

The Spanish social system "classified" people at least in part by race. ----- were people of the castas, or mixed races, class who were the children of Spaniards and Natives. NMJ111
In colonial New Spain, social class determined how much --- a person held and what kind of work they did. NMJ111
The Mexican war for independence was similar to this war fought in 1776 because people here thought they could rule themselves better than the British could. NMJ110
An ancient trade route that carried trade from the US off the Santa Fe Trail to Mexico. NMJ113
These two brothers owned the largest, most important trading post on the Santa Fe Trail, Bent's Fort. NMJ115
People from the upper levels of society who were born in the colony of New Spain were called ----. NMJ110-111
Father of Mexican Independence. NMJ110
The only surviving governor of the 1837 Rebellion. NMJ116
The ricos believed they were socially and --- superior to the Criollos. They also controlled most of the wealth and power. NMJ111
1837: NM citizens rebelled against the appointed governor of NM, Albino Perez
The peninsulares, or ____, were Spaniards born in Spain (Europe)
This man was arrested in 1807 for entering Spanish territory without permission. Much of what the US knew about NM came from maps he drew from memory.
This man was chosen by rebels to replace Albino Perez as governor during the Chimayo Rebellion of 1837, but he ended up being executed as well. NMJ116
This trade route supplied NM with a consistent source of goods from the US, making NM much less isolated. NMJ112
Pelts from this animal were highly prized by the fashion industry to make hats and line coats. Trade in this fur is part of the reason for the US's westward expansion. NMJ114
Texans invaded NM in 1841 with the intent of capturing Santa Fe and making 1/2 of present day NM part of the newly formed Republic of Texas. NMJ118
The fur from a beaver was so profitable before 1830's that traders and trappers called them _____. NMJ114
Mexico's government did not have enough money to pay for ---- in its northern territories. As a result, raids by nomadic tribes on Pueblos and Mexican settlements increased dramatically. NMJ111
The Mexican Revolution was a result of a ----- struggle between two groups of Spaniards. NMJ110
NM developed very ----- as a result of Spanish trade laws that forbid contact/trade with foreign countries. NM was also isolated from other parts of New Spain and later Mexico because of distance. NMJ111
New Spain won its independence from Spain in Sept 1821, becoming this independent country. NMJ110
A republic is a nation with a government headed by ---leaders. NMJ 110
Founder of the Santa Fe Trail. NMJ113