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Author: Smalls
all physical objects are composed of
small tube used to hold samples of materials for lab use and experimentation
the study of the interactions of organisms and their environments
first step to carrying out scientific processes; involves the five senses
tall, thin cylinder used to measure liquids usually to the nearest mL
uses prior knowledge to figure out something or to develop a hypothesis
used to display data in percentages
a systematically organized way of learning about or examining the natural world
a disturbance in matter that transfers energy through matter or space
used to display data; represents changes over time
branch of science that studys celestial bodies in space
a testable statement from information that is gathered from observations and inferences
international system of units; modern metric system
the study of the composition of Earth and its landforms; rocks and minerals
facts or statistics gathered from experimentation
used to display comparative data
the way to read the measurement of a graduated cylinder
used to measure liquids usually to the nearest 50 mL
a widely accepted hypothesis that is well supported with research and experimentation
the ability to do work; important to all living organisms