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Colorado Today

Teacher: Spilman
Are monies paid to support the work of the government.
A system of government in which power belongs to the citizens.
Does work without pay.
Makes sure laws follow the constitution.
Branch that makes laws
When each branch of government can check, or limit, the power of others.
A city or town with its own government.
When a person gets permission to sell the same goods or services of another business.
Branch that puts laws into action.
A discussion about an issue in which a person treats the other view fairly and the person with courtesy.
When a person is especially good or worthy.
A government in which representatives elected by citizens govern according to law.
Is a landscape that uses little or no irrigation.
A proposed law.
Someone who is given a specific job to do.
A paid job or profession.
A company built to grow quickly.
A military force made up of state citizens who help out in emergencies.
Fuel made from plants such as corn or algae.