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To Kill a Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

Mayella's blackened eye
Jem broke what body part at thirteen?
Boo Radley's given name
Boo stabbed his father with what item
What does Scout dress up as for the pageant?
Dinner guest at Finch's who loves syrup
Cal makes this for Scout
Jen gives Boo what as another form of communication
Runs away from home and is found under Scout's bed
Drink Mr. Raymond offers to Dill
Which eye is Atticus nearly blind in?
Who scared Jem and Scout on their way home from the pageant?
What is put over Scout as she watches the fire
Brings Scout and Jem to her church
Item of clothing Jem loses when running from the Radley's yard
Disease Tim Johnson's dog has
Item found in the knot hole of the oak
Rose Aylmer, Unce Jack's pet
Movie Dill sees
Scout is in what grade at the beginning of the novel
What is Mrs. Dubose addicted to?
Atticus is secretly good at this
Lives across from the Finch's and always gardens
Accused of rape
Scout's full name
Sin to shoot these creatures
Payment for legal work by Mr. Cunningham
Bob Ewell's daughter
What destroys Ms. Maudie's house?
Number of Ewell kids