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The FIVE FINGER Spanish artists

The writer who was a contemporary of El Greco
Dominikos Theotokopoulous
The invention that changed the world of art
In almost every Dali painting
Home to El Greco
The style of art associated with El Greco
Painted the ugly of life
Person that supports the arts
Museum home to Guernica
Loved women
The war Picasso lived through
Painter of Las Meninas
Dictator who ruled Spain
The country that invaded Spain during the time of Goya
Royal Painter
Greatest painting of the 20th century
Various facets of a person or thing are presented at one time
Woman who Dali loved
Museum in Madrid
The -ism where things seem to be happy and without worry
Father of Modern Art
The main French museum
In almost every Dali painting
The little princess
The golden age
Painted religion