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International Conflict - WWII

The Nazi imprisonment and murder of 6 million Jewish people and 5 million other peoples during WWII.
The biggest threat to the ships in the Atlantic which were carrying Allied war supplies from North America to Britain.
The Treaty of ____--the treaty that officially ended WWI.
The Russian dictator when WWII started
An agreement Hitler and Stalin entered into in which they agreed not to attack each other during WWII.
A 1919 meeting of world leaders that produced peace treaty ending WWI
A political ideology where a leader (dictator) puts the needs of the state first, above all else, including human rights.
The U.S. president who came up with the idea of the League of Nations.
Forced enlistment in the armed forces of all men fit to fight.
The Policy of _____ was taken by the countries of Western Europe toward Hitler's imperialistic demands in order to avoid another World War.
The mobilization of the entire resources of a nation for war.
The Italian dictator when WWII started
The philosophy where when one member of a group comes under attack, the other members unite to fight off the aggressor.
A policy of remaining apart from the affairs of other countries.
The decade of extreme economic hardship that provided the perfect breeding ground for the rise of dictators.
The German dictator when WWII started
The world organization formed after WWI that promised everlasting peace in the world
The German occupied French port town that Canadians were chosen to raid; a battle where Canada suffered heavy losses.
The ceasefire agreement that ended the carnage of WWI
The day when the Allied forces of WWII invaded the German occupied French beaches of Normandy.