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Algebra Crossword

The perimeter of a circle
A collection of numbers, symbols, and/or operation signs that stands for a number
A sequence in which two expressions are connected by an equal symbol
Figures or objects that are the same shape and the same size
A sentence in which two expressions are connected by an equal symbol
The shape made by two rays extending from a common end point
A line segment from any point on the circle passing through the center to another point on the circle
The horizontal and vertical number lines used in a rectangular graph or coordinate grid system
An increase in size in all directions by a uniform amount
The inside region of a two-dimensional figure measured in square units
A whole number that has no more than two factors
Two angles, the sum of which is exactly 90 degrees
The absolute value of 4
The amount of space that can be filled
Obtaining the measure of an object by using measuring devices
The line or plane upon which a figure is thought of as a resting
Less than 90 degrees
A two-dimensional figure whose beginning and ending points meet
Numbers that correspond to points on a graph in the form (x , y)
A mathematical sentence (e.g., 2x = 10) that equates one expression