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Algebra Terms

The radical sign, it indicates the degree of the root
The multiplicative inverse of a number fraction turned upside down
The graph of the quadric function
All non zero numbers raised to the zero power equal 1
The highest or lowest point on a parabola
a surface of which one end or side is at a higher level than another; a rising or falling surface.
Two inequalities that are joined by and or or
A graph composed of isolated points
A relation that assigns exactly one value in the range to each value of the do main
Used to determine if a relation is a function or not
A graph that is unbroken
First, outside, inside, last(used to multiply two binomials)
The possible values for the input of a relation the x values
The relationship between two inequalities that are changing (slope)
The possible values for the output of a relation the y values
An equation involving two or more variables
The graph of vertical line
Two or more equations using the same variables
A term that has no variable
The number before the variable