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Haroun & A Sea of Letters

Noah Goodson  5-1
Crossword for "Haroun & The Sea of Stories"
Khattam-Shud's idea that stories must be controlled is an allegory for...
Where Prince Bolo, General Kitab, and the Walrus live
The Chupwalas capture Haroun, Butt and Iff in a Web of...
After throwing away a bomb, Blabbermouth is revealed to be a...
Hoopoe the Butt is actually a...
The Kingdom known as the land of darkness
The land Haroun visits with smelly mist and hot wind
How long Haroun is able to concentrate after his mom runs away
Khattam-Shud's helper who speaks a gesture language and ends up helping the Guppees
The full name of Haroun's father
The name of the corrupt politician who hires Rashid to tell stories
The name of the Water Genie
The name of Haroun's mother
The female page of the Library of Bup who talks too much
Where Haroun is carried by Butt the Hoopoe
The name of the group holding Princess Batcheat who 'look like clerks'
Haroun then finds that _ _ _ _ is working again.
The evil character attacking the Sea of Stories whose name means "The End"
What Iff the Water Genie tries to shut off before Haroun catches him
The name of the story's main character
On the houseboat Rashid sleeps in a bed shaped like a....
The Kingdom known for lots of sunshine
What Haroun swallows to help him fight Khattam-Shud near the Wellspring
The character who offers Haroun a happy ending as a reward
The name of the army marching toward the Kingdom of Chup
Rashid and Haroun discover at the end that Haroun's _ _ _ has returned.
One of Rashid's nicknames
Where Butt the Mail Coach driver takes Haroun and Rashid to speak for Snooty Buttoo
The Superintendent of the Eggheads
The floating gardener of the Sea of Stories
Where Haroun and Rashid fly back to on Butt
When Haroun and Rashid return to Kahani, the city seems less...
The name of Prince Bolo's fiancée who is kidnapped
On the Dull Lake, Haroun rides on a boat shaped like a...
The meaning of the town of Kahani's name