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A U shaped graph
The opposite of the given fraction.
Where the line on a graph crosses over an axis.
The restrictions on where the line or parabola on a graph can cross.
The symbol which defines the infinite value, usually simplified as 3.14.
When you change terms in order to make the equation more simple to solve.
The longest side of a right triangle.
An amount signifying the power in which the given value is to be altered.
A way to factor a trinomial when x is not equal to 1.
3 terms.
2 terms.
A unknown number, written as a letter.
A value that stays the same throughout an entire equation.
The number placed before the variable that multiplies the variable by that such number.
A way to factor a trinomial when x is equal to 1.
A function that creates a parabola
4 or more terms.
The horizontal and vertical lines on the borders of a graph.
A single number or variable.
A problem containing a √ symbol.