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biology crossword

Helps with cell division in animal cells
Main tissue component of the two parts of the nervous system
store food, water, waste
The resting phase
Provides a transport system within our body for oxygen and other important substances
Made up of heart, blood and blood vessels known as arteries ,capillaires and veins
Convert light energy of the sun into sugars that can be used by cells to provide stucture
The bottom of the microscope used for support
Breakdown of food into small molecules which are then absorbed into the blood stream
Chromosomes move away from one another to opposite poles
Test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of the body's organs and structures
Connects the eyepiece to the objective lenses
breaks down larger food molecules into smaller molecules
produces proteins
The flat platform where you place your slides.
Scan for pregnant women to examine the fetus
Another way to create pictures of the inside of the body using medical imaging technology
Lines the cavities and surfaces of blood vessels and organs
Provides posture and body support,locomotion, and heat production
Transports air into the lungs and to facillitate the diffusion of oxygen into the blood stream
A light source used in place of a mirror
breaks down sugar molecules into energy
Package DNA into a small volume to fit into the nucleus
It stores the cells DNA and it coordinates the cell's activities
Breaks down and chromatin condenses
Electromagnetic wave of high energy and very short wave length
The lense at the top that you look through