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TOEFL Vocab. Quiz: 'C' words

Please don't give me an elaborate description of your ideas; try to be as _______ as possible.
Each Sunday, Christians _______ in churches throughout the world to celebrate Jesus Christ or Mass.
After serving the suspect with a subpoena, the FBI ______ him to testify.
Sara has come to class every day for the past two months; when she didn't come yesterday, her absence was quite _________.
The entrance to the town was marked by a ______ statue of the town's founder.
At many major holidays, especially American Thanksgivings, there are ______ amounts of food available. You can eat and eat and eat, and there will still be food available!
Please don't ______ my shower drain with your long hairs; throw them in the toilet instead!
Don't wear yellow and red polka-dots with black, white and green stripes: these colors and patterns _______.
Now that Bob has died, his wife will ______ every memory she ever had with him.
The car salesman hoped to be able to ______ customers into buying his cars by flattering them or manipulating their emotions/sentiments.
UBER and Lyft are companies that sell services, NOT __________.
In the United States, it is _______ that high school students take at least two years of a foreign language before graduating.
Most people avoided Julia, since her comments were usually so _____ and tended to offend most.
When my mother was pregnant, she had regular _______ (s) for fruit punch and brownies. As a result, I love these two items.
How do I ________ stress? I usually exercise or yell, in order to release the tension that has built up inside me. (2 words)
Each Thanksgiving, my father is responsible for ______ the turkey.
It was a ______ encounter; I wasn't expecting to meet him yesterday, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him!
When my parents tried to stop smoking, they initially tried to _____ their cigarette consumption to six cigarettes per day.
My husband will turn 40 next month. He knows that this is a 'big' birthday, so I am trying hard to keep his surprise party ______.