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Picturing John List

Four bodies were found by police in the large home in Westfield, New Jersey they were arranged Neatly on _________bags.
An _______ caller in Virginia, said that she just saw the TV show "America's Most Wanted" and called in a tip about a man named BOB CLARK.
___________ proved that Bob Clark and John List were the same person.
John List was driven to murder his five family members because his family was on the Brink of _______ due to his poor management of Money.
A tabloid story which included a photo of John List was seen by a Woman in Colorado who said it looked just like her _______ Bob Clark.
Nearly two`decades after ________ his family, John List received a Life sentence.
John List was an influential member of the Local ______ church.
Gene O'Donnell , of the FBI was specially trained in using old ________ and new computer technology.
The five addressed _______ were found taped to a Filing Cabinet at the List family home.
Bob Clark apparently ran into ______ difficulties in Colorado and moved to Richmond, Virginia.