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Civil War

By:Braden Oberg
A cruel helpless slaughter of many unresistant force
Hard crackers that went almost rock solid when stale, and they lasted a long time.
A confederate general that is widely considered one of the greatest generals of all time
The speech Lincoln gave at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cenetery
The act in which the Southern slaves owned African American people, and forced them into work
The legal document signed by Lincoln freeing all slaves
Rapid fire gun that shoots 600 rounds per minute
A union general who attended West point Military Academy
To leave or withdrawl
Novel written by Harriet Beecher that revealed the true horrors of slavery to the north(one of the major stepping stones to the start of the civil war)
The war between the Northern and Southern states of america
The standard weapon solders used in the war
The place in which General Lee surrendered the civil war.
A southern general that got the nickname "Stonewall" because he refused to retreat
The president of the United states during the american Civil war.
The Southern States in america that were for slavery
A union military base that was captured by the Confederates, Officially Starting the War.
A branch of military that travels, and fights on foot
Ship made of iron
The northern states that were against slavery during the civil war