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Catcher in the Rye Information Find

The name of the short story DB wrote
A friend from Elkton Hills that HOlden got drunk with
Stadlater's date
What he told his name was to Ms. Morrow
Daughter of Pencey headmaster
Headmaster of Elkton HIlls
The name of the record he bought Pheobe
Disgusting boy
Db's old girlfriend
Holden's father's occupation
The nationality that Holden's last name is
Jane's father
The only subject Holden liked
The kid from Elkton Hills that had bad suitcases
The actor that Holden saw in Hamlet
Younger brother
Older brother
Wealthy undertaker
The whistler at Elkton HIlls
Holdern asks her to run away with him
Former stripper who Holden calls for a date
The person he likes in the Romeo and Juliet play
The kind of convertible Jane and her mother drove
Headmaster of Pencey
Goes with Ackley and Holden to the movies
Elevator man
A former boyfriend of Jane's who goes to Choate