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Civil War and Reconstruction

Lasted three days in July, 1863
The name for the North in the war
To formally withdraw from the Union
cemetery dedication/address which reminded the country why we were fighting this war
This document allowed many slaves to escape their plantations to join the Union
This amendment gave all Americans citizenship
Sherman used this tactic to kill the South’s will to fight
Despite blockade runners, hurt Southern trade
The name for the South during the war
Battle in Pennsylvania that turned the tide of the war
The bloodiest single day in the Civil War after a battle in Maryland
City on a cliff over the Mississippi R. that was a victory for the Union
Capitol of the Union during the war
Union victory where Pickett's charge exposed the Confederates to heavy fire
This battle was supposed to be a picnic, but was a stunning loss for the North
This Mass. regiment was composed of black soldiers who enlisted after being freed
The south fired on this fort in a South Carolina harbor to start the war
These were slave states that remained in the Union
This amendment gave African American men the right to vote
This amendment freed all slaves in the entire US
Period in history when Johnson was president and the US was trying to come back together as a nation
This killed more people during the Civil War than all the battle
Where the South surrendered ending the war
Address/Speech that begins, “Four score and seven years ago…”
The Confederate capitol that the Union was trying capture
Had more supplies, population and more railroad track