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American Revolution: The Beginning

Teacher: Scarborough
March 1776, these people left Boston because Anti-British feelings were so strong that they feared for their safety; CA 179
Author of "Common Sense"; CA 179
Appointed by the Second Continental Congress as commander of the Continental Army; Second Continental Congress Notes
A fight over strategic locations outside Boston. Colonists lost because they were out of ammunition; Notes
Washington approved a plan to invade _____. The mission was led by Benedict Arnold and failed badly; CA 178
Located on the NY side of Lake Champlain. Its capture was important because of its location and because it held a large supply of artillery; CA 176-177
Government formed by the 13 colonies to rule during the American Revolution; CA 177
Co-commander of the Fort Ticonderoga mission and leader of the failed mission to invade Quebec; CA 178
A painting, "The Death of General ___________", by John Trumbull shows the bloody fighting that happened during the Battle of Bunker Hill; CA 177
The final attempt at peace made by the Second Continental Congress; Second Continental Congress Notes
Cannons and large guns; CA 177
Notable leader of the Battle of Bunker Hill. Famous quote, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." Battle of Bunker Hill Notes
First two battles of the American Revolution. Both are fought on April 19, 1775; CA 173
Ruler of England during the American Revolution; lecture/notes
The name of the colonial fighting forces when local militias joined together under the command of General George Washington; CA 177
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys. Given credit for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga; CA 176-177
By May of 1776, the majority of delegates at the Second Continental Congress still did not support __________; CA 179
German soldiers hired by the British government to help fight the colonists during the American Revolution; CA 178
A pamphlet published in 1776 that played a large part in changing many colonial minds about fighting for independence; CA 179
Commander of British forces after General Thomas Gage is sent back to England; CA 179