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Division of Operations

These university's student leaders are the eyes, ears and hands of sustainability on campus.
Use this to check your Dining Dollar and Colonial Cash Funds.
This office works with the GW community to build a greener campus, offer more sustainable dining options, and improve the social and environmental impact of the business practices of the university
You use this to tap into Gelman, the gym, your dorm etc
Name of the building where the GWorld Office is located
This is a new sustainability program launched in the Spring 2018 semester by Campaign GW and Office of Sustainability that focuses on _______.
Who is GW's new catering company that caters Pelham Commons?
You can pick up your packages here.
GW's Sustainable Investment Fund is _____ dollars
The Vern Mail and Package Services is located in the basement of _____ Hall.
________ Coffee Shop is located in Ames Hall on The Vern.
If you have a leaky faucet or broken light, what request do you submit?
This is an opportunity for GW students to use their entrepreneurial skills to address environmental and social justice issues in DC with rewarded funding
A forum for students to engage the student body on behalf of the Division of Operations to improve sustainability and development on campus
Name the department that houses The Office of Sustainability, Facilities, Campus Development and Business Auxiliary Services
If you lock yourself out of your dorm, you can go here to pick up a loaner key
Academic Hall the Vex is parked in front of on the Foggy Bottom Campus
Vice President of the Division of Operations
This is the nickname of the shuttle that transports students between Foggy Bottom and The Vern
This is a competition between residence halls to reduce the most energy and water.
Many offices of the Division of Operations are located in the ____ building