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Social Psychology

Looking for information that confirms my own preconceptions
The tendency for a dominant point of view in a group to be strengthened to a more extreme position after a group discussion
Who conducted the Stanford Prison Study?
Sharing your own private thoughts and feelings
Triangular Theory of Love
President John Kennedy's Bay of Pigs Invasion was an example of this...
Beliefs that organize our world
Unjustified negative behavior toward a group or its members
People are less likely to help a man who has fainted in busy shopping mall, but more likely to help a man who has fainted in a small convenience store
Clashing thoughts cause discomfort
Portraying ourselves in a way that we want to be understood and known
This theory holds that a relationship must be profitable to endure
One's sense of self-worth
"I'm having a bad hair day! OMG! Everyone is looking at me!"
Who performed obedience experiments?
Theory that says as relations develop they move from shallow to deeper levels
Known for research on conformity
Suppose Suzie persuades her roommate to make her a cup of tea, then gets her roommate to cook for a week. What is this strategy called?