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Old Testament 1111 - Exodus

Caleb and Joshua brought a good
The smitten rock was a type of
The Hebrew name of for this book means "in the wilderness"
Sin of the Israelites
Miriam dies here.
People looked to this to be cured of snake bites
A Nazarite could not eat anything from this
The Egyptian god of the Nile
God punished the rebellion of Korah through this
This covered the Tabernacle by Day
The priest of Midian
This means the "second law"
The number of years the Israelites spent wandering
If you make this , you keep it!
The number of wagons given given to help in the service of the LORD
The place where Moses struck the rock
Pharaoh wanted Moses to do this
A master craftsman who worked on the tabernacle with Oholiab
The Israelites rebelled against God because of this
Phineas stopped this by killing 2 sinners
"Leviticus: means "that which pertains to ........"
The washing place for the priests
The brother of Moses
The alter of incense was in here
This commemorates blood sacrifice and deliverance from Egypt
The place where God provided quail
Emphasized in Leviticus
Represents the redemption of Christ
Abraham was from here
The people got this when they looked at the snake
The goat that was let out into the wilderness
This could not be used on a Nazerite's head.
An oasis with 12 wells and 70 palm trees
The sister of Moses
A type of sin
The place of the bitter waters
Represents Christ's deity
Aaron and Miriam complained about the ...... of Moses
The dwelling place of God
The tribe that camped at the front of the Tabernacle
The tribe that Moses was from.
The theme of Leviticus
Killed by Phineas with Cozbi because of their sin
The snake on the pole
The burnt offering was this
Represents Christ's heavenly Rule
He was reprimanded by his donkey
Represents Judgments