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Bloom's Health Science Crossword Puzzle

Designed for grabbing and cutting food.
This is belongs in the human body and is around 7-9m long.
Red blood cells (____________) are used to carry oxygen to the heart.
An example of a monosaccharide.
The carrier of genetic information.
How well a pathogen causes a disease.
The liver produces ____ that emulsifies fats.
Complete set of an organisms genes.
The biological process of genetic manipulation of microorganism for industrial purposes.
A virus that infects a bacterium.
The vector organism of malaria.
A bacterium or virus that causes disease.
Pumps blood from the heart around the body.
To separate a human blood sample, a device called a __________ is used.
A field related to biotech that focuses on the design and testing of molecular properties.
A pathogenic non-living entity is a _____.
An optimal _____ ________ is 120/80.
A device used in the prevention or treatment of diseases or injuries, or used for modifying or repairing a body function.
A field of science that studies the structure, function, and evolution of genomes.
Not digested in the stomach.