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Don't Cross Calculus

A representative of what can be many different values
If the second derivative of a function is positive, this is considered “up”
A point or value that a function approaches
Type of rule to find the derivative of a composition of functions
The derivative of a position function
Type of rule to determine the derivative of a monomial
The amount of three dimensional space occupied
Process to find area under a curve
A method to calculate the volume of a shape rotated around an axis
Point where a function changes direction
An answer that consists of a value
A method to simplify a function to make it possible to solve a derivative or integral
Type of rate at which a quantity changes by relating that quantity to other quantities whose rates of change are known
A function is considered this when it has a hole
Calculator with graphing capabilities
A relationship or expression involving one or more variables
The second derivative of a position function
Type of rule that approximates area with a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides
What is at the end of a solved integral
A straight line from the center of a circle to the outside (2π multiplied by this gives the area of a circle)
A type of interval where the endpoints are not included
A type of line on a function that’s equation is the derivative of the original function
The smallest value of a function (lowest extrema)
The highest score possible on the AP Calculus test
Instantaneous rate of change between variables
Rule that states if we have an indeterminate form we can differentiate the numerator and differentiate the denominator and then take the limit
An approximation of an integral using rectangles
When a limit can be determined
Type of visualization of a differential equation
When you manipulate to make solving easier