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7th Grade Math Topics and Vocab

Center to the outside of a circle
A graph that has dots or circles on it to show data
A slice of a 3D shape
Ratio that involves the number one
Finding the average
Angles that add up 90 degrees
A graph that uses quartiles. It looks like two rectangles and has a horizontal line drawn out on each side
Ratio of a model to the actual size. Could be used on a map. 1 inch = 100 miles
Measuring how much space is inside a 3D shape, uses cubic units
- < , >, less than or equal to, and greater than or equal to
Decimal that has a stopping point
The chance of something happening
In Maryland, it is 6%.
Positive and negative whole numbers, and zero
An unknown value
The shape that has three angles that add up to 180 degrees
The distance around the circle
Straight line through the center of the circle
Area of the faces of a 3D shape, uses square units
Per 100
Equivalent Ratios
Has numbers and or variables, and operations but not an equal sign or answer
When the outcome of one event affects the outcome of the second event. (ex: Deal or No Deal)
Angles that add up 180 degrees
The study of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data.
A way to organize a combination of events with branches.
Has numbers and or variables, operations, an equal sign and an answer
A topic that deals with shapes, area, perimeter, volume, surface area etc.
If you are collecting data, and you have a big population, you can use this instead. (Small part)