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Paul and Silas Jailhouse Rock

Type of earthquake
Before they were thrown into jail
Joined the attack
Served by Paul and Silas
How the slave earned money
Warned jailer to not hurt himself
In order to be saved
Opened up
Jailer wanted information on this
Opened the jailhouse doors
Time to praise
Jailer was filled with this
Jailer ordered this
Jailer and household received this
Were shaken
Paul and Silas were thrown here
What the magistrates did to Paul and Silas
Jailer gave this to Paul and Silas
Who controlled the slave
What the jailer Did to Paul and Silas
What the slave owner did to Paul and Silas
What the jailer called for
Traveled with Paul
Jailer drew this
Jailer's intention after earthquake
Fastened in the stocks
Paul and Silas were citizens of here