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Spheres of soil

The complex a community of organisms and its Environment functioning as an ecological unit.
The stratum of weathered material that underlies the surface soil.
The fourth layer of soil, or the soil house.
This is where the earthworms come into the spotlight.
An organism or ecological community so strictly associated with a particular environmental condition this it presence is indicative of the condition.
The lungs and circulatory system of the soil.
The place where a plant or animal normally live.
Animal life
A nonmetallic chiefly tetravalent found native as in diamonds and graphite.
The upmost important.
Earth moving machines.
Lasting oe extending without interruption.
Surface soil usually including the organic layer in which plants have most of there roots.
The plant and animal life in a aregion
The top layer of the soil where all the liter lays.
The root zone.
The process of decomposing
The potential or suitability for holding, storing or accommodating.
An area within which someone or something acts.
The condition in which someone or something is thriving.