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Baby Boomer Baseball

Dodger catcher who Marichal clubbed over the head with a bat in 1965 game.
In 1972, Tiger Eddie Brinkman played all 162 regular season games at this position.
Hit two homers for Jays in their very first game in 1977.
High Kicking Hurler was known as The Dominican Dandy
1972 renowned baseball book by this author has a title 'borrowed' by Don Henley for his 1985 solo hit.
CCR Alum John (not Bryan) Fogerty had a solo hit with this 1985 baseball ditty.
In a career spanning 1975-1984 Biff was a Braves catcher in 394 games.
Surname of 1968 Tiger 2nd baseman and ill-fated shuttle astronaut
A weakly hit ground ball (colloq.)
Nickname for former Yankee Phil Rizzuto
Star outfielder traded to Giants by Yanks for Bobby Bonds.
Toronto Born John was both Fireman of the Year and Comeback Player of the year in 1973
In December 1990, Jays acquire Carter and Alomar for McGriff and this 4 time gold glove winner
Light hitting Royals Shortstop who was guest of David Letterman in 1985.
'70s Reds Manager known as Captain Hook
Don Mincher slugged 25 homers and Steve Hovely hit .277 for this ephemeral '69 A.L. team.
1978 NL MVP nicknamed 'The Cobra'.
Retired Red Sox slugger who wore #34
Yankee shortstop whose 3 run homer in a 1978 one game playoff eliminated the Boston Red Sox
Hit a record setting 2 pinch hit homers in the 1975 World Series for Boston