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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Words from the Bible

Jesus hometown
Where was Jesus born?
Mother of Jesus
The Good News
Physician Gospel writer
Outward and visible sign of the inward and spiritual grace
What do we celebrate Easter Sunday?
First Gospel
First words of this Gospel are, "In the beginning was the Word"
Of the Synoptic Gospels, this one does not have a genealogy
Sign of God's promise after the Flood
For God so ___ the world
Son of God
Replaced Judas as an Apostle
Where the Temple is
Where Jesus prayed
Wrote many of the letters in the New Testament
Led the Israelites to the Promised Land
There are many ____ in my Father's House
Smallest of seeds mentioned in the Gospels
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit make up the _____.
On the __ day he rose again
_____ Disciples
Book of songs to God found in the Old Testament
The Greatest Commandment is to ___ one another