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Chemical Bonds and Atoms

By Luke Novak
Electrons travel from atom to atom
An uncharged atom with an unpaired valence electron
A subatomic particle with a fractional charge
The antiparticle of a quark
A scientific instrument used for finding subatomic particles
A negatively charged particle orbiting the atom's nucleus.
Known as the strong force it keeps the nucleus together
Matter made up of one type of atom
Particles smaller than an atom
A positively charged particle in the nucleus
A subatomic particle that doesn't react with matter.
The center of an atom with two types of particles
The charge of an electron
The time it takes for the radioactivity of an isotope to decrease by half
The amount of electrons in the outermost energy level of an atom
A form of energy caused by the existence of charged particles
A negatively charged proton
Two or more types of an atom with the same amount of of protons and electrons but differing amounts of neutrons.
A subatomic particle that gives particles mass
A bond where electrons are shared between pairs of atoms
The charge of a neutron
The charge of a proton
The fastest particle in the universe
The basic unit of a chemical element
Atoms that give or take electrons