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Paul and Silas

When Paul made a demon leave a slave girl, her owners couldn't make ______ from her fortune-telling anymore and it made them mad.
The doors were ________ opened, and all the prisoners chains came off.
The jailer was ready to kill himself when Paul called out to him that not one of his prisoners had __________.
After Barnabas and Paul decided not to travel together, Silas went with Paul on his ________ missionary journey.
Silas was a ________ citizen like Paul.
The men were put in the deepest, darkest part of the _______ with their feet in stocks. But they still sang praises to God.
About midnight a powerful __________ shook the prison.
The Lord spoke to Paul in a _______ and told him to go to Macedonia to preach the gospel.
Paul and Silas were arrested and ________ with rods that made many stripes.