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Chapter 2 Life Science

Being able to move from place to place
A hard covering that protects and supports an arthropod body
An invertebrate that has joined legs and a hard exoskeleton covering its body
An animal that has no backbone
A vertebrate that has thick skin covered with dry scales
An arthropod that has two body sections, eight legs, and no antennae
To become inactive for a long period of time
What an animal does in response to a stimulus
An arthropod that has six legs, three body sections, and two antennae
A vertebrate that feeds its young with milk
An arthropod that typically has two body sections and four antennae
Small bones that make up the spine
To move to a different place in response to seasonal changes
Sense structures that live in water when its young and on land when its an adult
A vertebrate that lives in water when its young and on land when its an adult