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MEN of the BIBLE

Rev. Dr. James E. Deas, Sr.
The last judge, first king maker, priest, and prophet; who linked the period of the judges with the monarchy
The second son of Adam & Eve
The first Hebrew patriarch; he became known as the prime example of faith
Blind beggar who cried to Jesus for mercy; despite efforts to silence him
The heavenly messenger who interpreted to Daniel the meaning of the vision of the ram and the goat
Son of Isaac & Rebekah; elder twin of Jacob
Chief military officer for King Saul
Sought evidence of Jesus' resurrection; when convinced of the miracle; he made an historic confession of faith
Paul & Barnabas took him along with them as an example of a believing Gentile
Son of Lamech, a descendent of Adam in the line of Seth; a survivor of the flood
The first man created by GOD
Prophet whose preaching produced the 36th book of the Old Testament
Prophet who ministered under the Judahite kings of Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz and Hezekiah
His name was given to him by Jesus; it occurs 159 times in the New Testament
Outstanding missionary, theologian and writer of the early church
The third king of Israel and reigned for 40 years
The "anointed one"; Messiah
Son of Zebedee, and brother of John
Moses' brother; Israel's first high priest
The first king to unite Israel & Judah
Disciple of John the Baptist; who led his brother Simon to Jesus