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Medical Imaging Education Day

If there is more than 3% left of a chemotherapeutic drug after deliver does the syringe need to go into the yellow or black container?
Will having a cuff on an upper extremity raised above the head show a false lower or higher reading?
How many inches should you stay from a sterile field if not scrubbed in?
Can you use a O2 tank that's barely in the red?Sure or Nope
True or False: Restraint devices whose intended use is to include limitation of mobility or temporary immobilization related to diagnostic, or surgical procedures, safety straps, related post procedure care processes, and diagnostic procedures are not considered to be a restraint per St. Luke’s Policy
If an inpatient has a seizure who should you call first, Rapid Response or MI Nursing?
One Liter or Six Liter? What is the minimum amount of O2 flow that the new OxyMask for O2 delivery can administer?
Regular or Yellow? Where should PPE worn with Chemotherapy handling be discarded? Regular trash or Yellow bin?
True or False: When handling chemotherapeutic medications it’s not necessary to double glove if you are using chemo approved gloves?
True or False : Cuff size does not affect Blood Pressure readings on a Healthy Adult
If an outpatient is complaining of chest pain should you call a Rapid Response or an Emergency Response?
Minutes a tank at 500 PSI lasts at 2L
Is there ever punitive penalties for calling a Rapid Response or Emergency Response?
Which of the following precautions means you need to wear the N95 Mask for? Droplet or Airborne
Maximum amount of O2 that can be run through a nasal cannula
Bonus Question: Always or Never: Per St. Luke's policy can you wear cloth surgical masks if they are clean?
How many fingers should you be able to slip easily between the buckled soft restraint strap and the patient’s wrist after it is all set up?