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The Cell

A cell receptor binds with this chemical messenger.
Plasma membrane is often called this type of fluid model.
Term used for a cell lipid that has both polar and nonpolar parts.
This concept describes the osmotic pressure of one solution when compared to another.
DNA triplet transcribed into complimentary three nucleotide sequence is called this.
In many cells, the smooth ER moves this mineral out of cytosol and stores it.
Term used for a compound that is able to interact with water.
Not a peripheral protein of the cell, but this type.
Look like microvilli but are not. Different function.
This structure consists of a very long DNA molecule with associated proteins.
Organelles involved in energy production.
Making a copy of a gene is called this.
Drug that binds a receptor and mimics the ligands action is called this.
Cell organelles with strong digestive functions.
Loss of cellular fluid will cause the cell to do this.
Organelles for protein synthesis.
Nucleus of cell is surrounded by this structural bilayer.
A protein that accelerates a chemical cellular reaction.
Cell division that divides the cells replicated DNA between two daughter cells.
These paired structures are found in the centrosome.
Term of tonicity; ECF is equal to cellular solute concentration.
The movement of solute molecules from higher to lower concentration is called this.
Fluid portion of the cytoplasm; 50% of cell volume.
Higher osmotic pressure than the cytosol is this type of solution.
Cell eating.
Fluid or other substances taken into the cell is called this.
This part of the cell consists of protein filaments; supports the cell.
Fancy term for Cell drinking.
Cell division; sister chromatids part.
Type of active transport pump that moves two or more substances at the same time.
Movement of solvent across a membrane.
Motile cellular extension.