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Georgia Geography

average winter temperature in the Appalachian Plateau
the river that forms the southern half of the Alabama and Georgia border, as well as a portion of the Florida border.
second largest geographical region. is made up of low rolling hills.
rich in iron minerals
Discovered in Appalachian Mountains
It separates Georgia's Coastal Plain from its Piedmont region
Home of Jimmy Carter
site of 1st gold rush in dahlonega. oldest mountains in north america.
located in the Piedmont region
Where the capital of Georgia is located
Georgia is divided into how many regions
site of beautiful waterfalls like Amicalola
home to Georgia's highest peak, Brasstown bald (4,784 feet).
Type of cattle raised in the Valley and Ridge region
This area contains waterfalls, caves and is covered with this
provides land for cattle and crops
Which region is located in central Georgia
Found only in the Appalachian Mountains
main industry is coal, mining, and its main product is coal.
Site of several civil war battlefields
Blue Ridge has the most of this yearly
mining and farming are the main industries.
Highest Peak in Georgia
Appalachian Plateau is what size region in Georgia
once known as the cotton belt
grown in the Coastal Plain
Industry popular in Blue Ridge Mountains
Thousands flock to Blue Ridge every year
one of the rocks found in the Piedmont region
Chattahoochee provides this to many Georgians