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Sociology - Chapter 1 - The Sociological Perspective

Social dependency based on a widespread consensus of values and beliefs and dependence on tradition and family
The working class people, the common people who do all the work but receive very little share of profits
The wealthy class who owns the means of production (the 1%!)
The ability to see the link between society and self
The unintended and unrecognized consequences of an aspect of society
When we change our behavior to match the group expectations
The intended and recognized consequences of an aspect of society
Known as the "father of sociology", coined the terms sociology and positivism
The scientific study of social structure
The belief that social knowledge should be derived from scientific observation
A sociological perspective that emphasizes the contributions made by each part of society
Social interdependence based on a high degree of specialization and roles
The patterned ways in which people interact in social relationships
Viewed the world as a struggle between social classes and peace will only happen when the proletariat overthrow the bourgeoisie
Believed that you should always try to place yourself in someone else's shoes
Sociologist who viewed society as a human body, maybe the "father of functionalism"
A perspective that focuses on the interactions among people based on their mutually understood symbols
A perspective that looks at the roles of conflict, competition, and constraint within a society