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Animal Behavior and Plant Responses

Cyclic response of inactivity and slowed metabolism that occurs during periods of cold temperatures & limited food supplies
Powerful chemical produced by an animal to influence the behavior of another animal of the same species
Innate behavior that occurs in repeated patterns
Plant hormone that causes plant leaves and stems to exhibit positive response to light
Behavior that allows males and females of the same species to recognize each other and prepare to mate
Complex pattern of innate behavior, such as spinning a web, that can take weeks to complete
A plants response to the lengths of darkness each day
A plant that generally requires short nights--less than 10 to 12 hours of darkness to begin the flowering process
Positive or negative plant response to an external stimulus such as touch, light, or gravity
Interactions among members of the same species, including courtship
A plant that generally requires long nights--more than 12 hours of darkness to begin the flowering process
Occurs when the response to a stimulus becomes associated wit another stimulus
Form of reasoning that allows animals to use past experiences to solve new problems
Simple innate behavior, such as yawning or blinking, that is an automatic response and does not involve a message to the brain
Forceful behavior, such as fighting, used by an animal used to control or dominate another animal in order to protect their young, defend territory, or get food
The way in which an organism interacts with other organisms and its environment; can be innate or learned
A group of animals of the same species that live and work together in an organized way
Occurs when an animal forms a social attachment to another organism
A plant that doesn't require a specific photo-period and can begin the flowering process over a range of night lengths
Behavior that an organism is born with and does not have to be learned, such as a reflex or instinct
Instinctive seasonal movement of animals to find food or to reproduce in better conditions