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Latin America

Located at the Florida Peninsulas.
Thin strip of land with water on both sides joining two larger bodies of water.
2nd largest ocean in the world.
Largest rainforest in the world containing nine countries of South America...(Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana)
Waterway allowing ships access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
Made of three mountain systems in the western region of Mexico.
Largest ocean in the world.
Common language of Latin America.
Consists of Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and South America.
Bordered by Mexico and Central America to the west, the Caribbean Islands to the north, and South America in the south and southwest.
Home of the largest tropical rain forest in the world.
2nd longest river in the world, running through Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.
Longest mountain range in the world, forming a continuous mountain range along the western edge of South America.
Located on Chile within the Andes Mountains.
Region of Latin America made of small and large islands; such as, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, etc.
Common language of Latin America.