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This measure of central tendency is the score that physically falls in the middle of the distribution of numbers.
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
The smaller group within the population that is selected to represent the population in a study.
Theory that the structure of conscious experience could be understood by analyzing the basic elements of thoughts and sensations.
This is a testable prediction about how two or more factors are likely to be related.
In this research the scientist observes and describes behaviors without disturbing the subject's natural habitat.
Considered the "father" of the Behavioral perspective. He rejected Freud's ideas about the unconscious mind and classically conditioned an 11-month old baby to fear furry objects.
Research with the explicit purpose of finding new information
This is the ability to repeat experimental research due to specific operational definitions.
Data that can be measured in numbers
Data information in terms of descriptions, words, meanings, pictures and texts.
Founder of structuralism
This measure of central tendency is the most frequently occurring score.
Considered the founder of psychology for creating the first psychology lab at his college in Leipzig, Germany, in 1879.
This perspective emphasizes the human potential towards growth and self-actualization.
Developed the perspective called psychoanalysis, now psychodynamics, which focuses on revealing the hidden desires of the unconscious mind and repressed memories.
In this research the scientist questions large samples of a population in order to describe beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, etc.
This is the entire group that is being studied and to which the results can be generalized or applied to.
This perspective was once called Psychoanalysis and emphasizes the idea that humans' unconscious minds and repressed memories influence their behavior.
This is the variable in an experiment that is being tested and can be manipulated by the experimenter.
This perspective focuses on observable behaviors that are learned and can be measured.
Theory that emphasized the functions of consciousness or the ways consciousness helps people adapt to their environment
The group in an experiment that is receiving the independent variable or the test treatment.
Humanistic psychologist who proposed the hierarchy of needs
The group in an experiment that is receiving normal treatment.
The variable which shows the measurable results in an experiment.
This perspective focuses on the mental processes of memory, thinking, and language that help people make decisions and solve problems.
Research with the purpose of using psychology to better the world.
This measure of central tendency is the mathematical average.