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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Chapter 1 - Grade 7

Use your textbook to complete the crossword puzzle.
Human-made goods that people use to produce goods; also, money
Areas that share common features
Round model of the earth
The height of an area above sea level
System for breaking time into units
Type of economy in which buyers and sellers chose to buy or make whatever they want
Describes where something is
Order in which events happen
A person who starts and runs a business
A community of living things and the surroundings in which they live
Make as large as possible
Ups and downs of the earth's surface
Having different forms or types
How and why people and things relocate
Flat drawing of all or part of the Earth's surface
Explores the physical and human features that make a city, state or country unique
The physical surroundings
Natural features on the earth, such as deserts, mountains, plains
A tax on imports
Money received